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Membership & Outreach Members

This screen shows the members of the committee. Click on the member's name or photo to view their bio information (if enabled).
The committee's primary responsibilities are to organize an effective recruiting program; to prepare materials for distribution to potential members or to help familiarize them with the organization; and to work with the President on membership issues. The Committee shall be responsible for collecting, certifying and recording membership applications, sending out new membership packets, and sending out delinquent notices where necessary. The Membership Committee Chair is expected to attend monthly board meetings and to prepare an annual membership list of members in good standing available to the President prior to the Chapter's annual meeting.
Membership & Outreach Chair
20 E Main St, Ste 450
Mesa, AZ 85201
605 S. 48th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85034
555 S Lewis
Mesa, AZ 85210
4041 N. Central Avenue, #1400
Phoenix, AZ 85012
20 E Main St, Ste 450
Mesa, AZ 85201
PO Box 5002
Tempe, AZ 85280-5002

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